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    5 Minutes with Yoga Patch

    5 Minutes with Yoga Patch

    We caught up with the beautiful Patch Thompson to talk all things Yoga. Patch is an incredible Teacher at Yoke Yoga, Torquay. Her down to earth, original style is infectious, and leaves you feeling empowered and inspired after every class. We got to get her perspective on yoga, wellness and how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 


    1. What Things do you like to do that make you feel Happy?

    I love being in the ocean, it keeps my soul full for weeks and weeks. At the moment, I've been so busy that I haven't been in the ocean for over a month and I can feel it in my mind and body. I need to go for a surf ASAP!


    2. What do you do when you want absolute down time?

    A glass of wine and a bath!


    3. What do you think anyone could do if they wanted to Improve their Health, Wellness and the way they Felt?

     I think a clear optimistic mind is so essential to improve overall wellbeing. This is usually sparked by healthy eating habits and exercise. In order to maintain optimal health for longevity it is important to be able to sustain your exercise and eating patterns, so finding movement and foods that excite you is a must. I love movement, whether that be yoga, dancing, walking and I have surfed my entire life so I guess I don't see these activities as exercise at all! Find something that you love, create rituals and make them everlasting!


    4. What is a Mantra (or) Mantra’s you love to live by?

    Mantra can be defined as sound. That could be singing, or chanting or a saying that you love that keeps you inspired. I love the traditional OM at the end of every yoga class :)


    5. What is your favourite Yoga pose?

    Ohhhh I think this changes all the time! At the moment I'm really enjoying Anahata - puppy pose. I love how it gets deep into my shoulders and chest. 


    6. As a dedicated Yogi what type of Yoga do you practice? 


    I practice mainly vinyasa yoga, but definitely enjoy all styles. Each yoga style has a deep specific focus and you can learn so much from enjoying a little of each. For example Iyengar is very alignment, which teaches me to be patient and feel the subtle-ties of of tiny shifts. Ashtanga is very regimented and teaches me to remain focused. But I find that vinyasa is very expressive, very free, very spacious. 


    7. What do you love most about teaching yoga?

    When people talk to me about how yoga has changed their life- that is the reason why I teach. This practice can be so transforming and can shift your path in ways in which we will never know. To be able to open someones eyes to that......who wouldn't want to teach? 


    9.When you wake up in the morning what is the First thing you do?



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    Follow Patch's journey on her Instagram @yogapatch

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    4 Reasons we love The Ultimate Yoga Mat

    4 Reasons we love The Ultimate Yoga Mat

    Our Ultimate Eco Friendly Yoga mat has an endless list of amazing qualities, so we thought we would narrow them down to 4 reasons why this super grip, non-slip, cushion support yoga mat is loved by so many. 


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    We love Tia Blanco Yogi, Surfer, Vegan

    We love Tia Blanco Yogi, Surfer, Vegan

    We love Tia Blanco! Yogi, Vegan, Surfer, Traveller.
    Tia Blanco recently shared her healthly habits with Further More where she mentioned how much she driven by the way that her healthy lifestyle makes her feel. “Eat healthy, stay active, sleep well, and work on being in tune with your inner self.” She travels the world with her surfing and highlighted amongst her travel photos are shots of her doing yoga on beautiful beaches in stunning locations.
    In the interview with Further More she says “I practice yoga daily and it goes hand-in-hand with my surfing. Yoga is very grounding for me and it is a time where I can focus on self-love and aligning myself.”

    Tia Blanco Favourite Yoga Mat

    Tia Blanco Yoga Mat

    Tia Blanco

    Here are some of Tia Blanco’s favourite wellness essentials. Included in her favourite pieces is the

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    Tia Blanco YOga

    Vegan Yoga Mat

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    Steps to a Positive Day

    Steps to a Positive Day

    Positivity is an important ingredient in life, it allows us to enjoy the most of everyday and leave anything that is dragging us down behind. Being a yogi, positivity is essential not only in the practice of yoga but in our life off the mat. Although positivity is a hard thing to consistently radiate, we thought we’d provide some small efforts you can make everyday to live a positive and happy life.


    There are many physical benefits in yoga, but what yoga does for the mind is why this is at the top of our list. Yoga provides the opportunity to quieten our busy mental state, and encourages us to direct our gaze internally, and to focus on what is happening in our bodies. It gives us a chance to forget everything in the outside world, creating an ability to be completely present. After any class at Yoke Yoga in Torquay, we leave feeling cleansed and rejuvenated in our mind, body and spirit. Just one class a day, or even a quick 20 minute practise at home can completely change your outlook on life.
    yogi peace club yoga mats eco positive blog

    Healthy Food

    Nothing feels better than nourishing our bodies with something delicious and nutritious. A treat every now and again is just as healthy, but everything in moderation. An easy way to start feeling more positive everyday, is to make sure what you're putting in your body is going to give it the energy, vitamins and nutrient it needs to work at its best. Junk food will always feel great for a short amount of time, but if you're looking for lengthy, sustainable good energy, go for something that is clean and healthy. We love anything from Panaceas Pantry, check out their Instagram for beautiful vegan recipes!
    yogi peace club yoga mat healthy food panaceas pantry

    Being Present

    It's definitely harder than it sounds, especially in our busy modern day lives. But mindfulness and having the ability to live in the now can completely restructure how you look at life. Now only will this reduce stress, but it will also allow you to appreciate the small things. We suggest heading down to your local book store and picking up 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. His wise words will give you the ability to calm your mind, and live in a state of blissful presence.
    yogi peace club yoga mat power of now eckhart tolle


    Meditation has been a universal way to connect the body and mind for centuries. It has been proven to reduce anxiety, improves heart rate, breathing and brain waves. All in all, meditation is something you can do anywhere for as long or as short as you please, and will give you the direct calming effects you need to be able to live a positive and happy life! For inspiring quotes and affirmations, follow Meditation Mum on Instagram. 
    yogi peace club yoga mat meditation quote
    An Eco Friendly yoga mat placed in your home can remind you to practice and meditate everyday. Shop now our beautiful range of yoga mats. Click here to view them online. Oh and also we free ship in Australia! 
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