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Yoga and healthy habits after the holidays

Yoga and healthy habits after the holidays - Yogi Peace Club

The Australian summer holiday season is slowly coming to an end, and we're all often left feeling the effects of indulging, and completely lacking any routine. It can be so difficult regaining control of the past months bad habits, and some kind of structure after having time off. I find this time of year, I unknowingly begin to beat myself up about all of the wine, all of the cheese, and how I gave little to no time to my Yoga practice. But if I have learnt one thing from over indulging it's how negative personal punishment can be, and how investing your energy into something that could help you get back into the swing of things is much more productive. So here are a few lifestyle ideas to get you back into your healthy habits!

yogi peace club australia yoga mats eco

Haven't been dedicating much time, if any, to your Yoga practice these holidays? Well I can assure you, you most definitely aren't alone, and it is completely normal to move through waves of feeling disconnected to your practice. A few good ways of regaining some consistency is to start off slow and soft, don't put too much pressure on yourself! Begin in the morning with some deep and controlled breaths, then move through a few Sun Salutations to get some movement in the body. If a home practice isn't for you, pick one Yoga class a week to consistently go to. Starting off with one is a great way to release a bit of pressure, and can easily fit into your routine without overwhelming you. 

yogi peace club australian eco yoga mats

This is by far one of my favourite productivity secrets! It's ridiculously hard to start the year off without a clear mind or a clear space. Start off with cleaning out your wardrobe, and donating anything that doesn't bring you joy! Once you've finished your closet, I can assure you you would have caught the cleaning bug, then move onto the next clutter challenge! By the time you have done a few loads to your local Op Shop or charity bin, you will feel a thousand times lighter and ready to start your working year. 

 yogi peace club australian eco yoga mats

This is a monthly pause from something you feel doesn't benefit your diet. Whether it's alcohol, sugar, dairy, or meat, is completely up to you, but the idea is that you cut that particular item completely out for the whole month of February in support of disadvantaged youth in Australia. You register your challenge for Febfast here, and the funds you raise will fund youth workers who dedicate their time to supporting our young Australians. This is a great way to motivate a positive beginning to your new year! 

 Click here to set your Yoga practice up for the year, we have everything you need!