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    All the ways to use our Yoga Wrap

    All the ways to use our Yoga Wrap

    We have just recently released our amazing new Embrace Yoga Wrap, just in time for winter and the chilly weather! If you've been following Yogi Peace Club, you may remember our Savasana Wrap from many moons ago. A gorgeous Yoga wrap that was designed to not only be stylish and comfortable, but be completely functional in your Yoga practice!

    Because our original Savasana Wrap was so popular we have redesigned the wrap in new gorgeous winter colours in a completely new pattern. We have had so many customers tell us that they want to wear our yoga mats because they love the prints - well now you can! Deep hues of navy, or the earthy tones of maroon we have got it covered. Enough talk about style, let's dive straight into the functionality of this Wrap and how you can incorporate it into your practice. 

    yogi peace club eco yoga mats australia yoga blanket

    If you regularly practice at a local studio, you may have noticed within the selection of props there is a Yoga blanket. Which is exactly what you can substitute your Embrace Yoga Wrap for. But are you not quite sure how to use this prop in your practice? Here are a few tips!

    To create space

    We often use our Yoga blocks to create distance or support throughout shapes in our practice. Our Yoga Wrap is a great option to create that same space when a block feels a little too high. 

    Examples: To prop your hips and sit bones up in hip opening postures, like Pigeon Pose or Wide Leg forward folds

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat australia

    To support and soften

    A great way to use our Yoga Wrap is to soften the ground beneath you when putting your body weight on certain joints and parts of the body. 

    Examples: Placing your Wrap folded under your knee in a low lunge, or both knees in Camel.

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mats australia

    In your Savasana

    A perfect blanket to drape over your body to keep your warm during your Savasana, making sure your in your most comfortable position. 

    Click here to shop our multi functional Embrace Wrap, the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe and the perfect support prop for your practice!

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat australia

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat australia

    Mary and the loves in her life

    Mary and the loves in her life

    Ah love... What a beautiful, confusing, terrifying part of our human existence! Whether it's Valentines Day or not, everyone deserves to feel all the love they can in their life. There are definitely a few things everyone can do to inspire that deep, warm, feeling in your belly! So we sat down with the beautiful Mary Kant, who is not only an inspirational Yoga teacher and empowering social influencer, but is only weeks away from marrying the love of her life. We decided to pick her brain about all things love, considering the air is full of it this week!

    What does ‘love’ mean to you?

    This is what I wrote on my Instagram a while ago about love. What is love? Do you know what it is? The term 'love' is thrown around freely these days, used unsparingly to describe anything from breakfast to bathrooms. Undermining the magic and mystery of its true form and meaning. "I love Mangos, Justin Bieber or a Perfect Sunset." Is this 'love' the same as the 'love' you feel for your husband, daughter, sister, mother, lover, even your pet? I used to think I knew what love was. Just another emotion, something you feel for someone or something more than you would another. But is love really just an emotion? Or is it more than that? Love... It is imperfect, unique, fragile, unstructured, jealous, outspoken, unreligious, determined. It is the perfect creation of curiosity. I believe it is something mystifying and unexplained and felt with experiences. Felt with the moments that makes us question everything. It is knowing and unknown. It is how you see it, how you feel it, how you forget it. It is every spelling mistake. The lack of trust in your judgment. The way it can make you cry with sadness or cry with joy. The way it pushes you beyond all limits so it hurts you so much, but then you look at that person and see they are there for you. You grow more together so love can keep growing and changing. Love is constant. To love and be loved and be pushed to your very core that you know what the very meaning of this life is. Love. Love makes the world go around. Whether you love a mango or you love your husband, feel it more than an emotion. Feel it like it hurts but is pleasure all at once. Love is felt on a thousand levels. It is the future, the past and everything in between.

    yogi peace club mantras and mangos mary kant love

    Do you have any mantras you try to incorporate into your relationships?

    “Live with love, in love, through love, from love” and “Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.  Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Love never fails”

    yogi peace club mantras and mangos love mary kant

    What do you love most about yourself?

    I love that I’m tolerant, patient and that I have the ability to inspire and help people. I love that I can adapt to any situation and always try and look at the positives in every part of life.

    What are you most excited about in taking this next step with Bowen?

    That I finally get to call him my husband and we become a family. Marriage has always been so important to me and I’m excited to be able to marry my twin flame, love of my life and man of my dreams very soon!

    yogi peace club mantras and mangos love mary kant eco yoga mat

    What are a few things that bring love into your life?

    The little things.. a cup of coffee, the sun creeping through the blinds in the morning, a hug from a friend, a kiss on the forehead, vegan ice cream and Netflix!

    yogi peace club mantras and mangos love mary kant

    What is your favourite heart opening Yoga pose?

    Wild thing, camel and reclined butterfly pose with a block! Soooo good

    How would you like to bring a little more Love into the world?

    More random acts of kindness and choosing love over fear, always.

    yogi peace club mantras and mangos mary kant love

    In the spirit of love this week we are offering 30% off all Lotus printed products and our pink Yoga towel. Click here to shop and enter the code 'LOVE' at checkout. Lotus Pink and Lotus Blue Round Yoga mats only $104.99, Lotus Pink and Blue regular Yoga mats only $83.99, Lotus Love tanks both in white and dusty pink $34.99, and our Desert Flower Yoga towel $55.99.

    Yoga and healthy habits after the holidays

    Yoga and healthy habits after the holidays

    The Australian summer holiday season is slowly coming to an end, and we're all often left feeling the effects of indulging, and completely lacking any routine. It can be so difficult regaining control of the past months bad habits, and some kind of structure after having time off. I find this time of year, I unknowingly begin to beat myself up about all of the wine, all of the cheese, and how I gave little to no time to my Yoga practice. But if I have learnt one thing from over indulging it's how negative personal punishment can be, and how investing your energy into something that could help you get back into the swing of things is much more productive. So here are a few lifestyle ideas to get you back into your healthy habits!

    yogi peace club australia yoga mats eco

    Haven't been dedicating much time, if any, to your Yoga practice these holidays? Well I can assure you, you most definitely aren't alone, and it is completely normal to move through waves of feeling disconnected to your practice. A few good ways of regaining some consistency is to start off slow and soft, don't put too much pressure on yourself! Begin in the morning with some deep and controlled breaths, then move through a few Sun Salutations to get some movement in the body. If a home practice isn't for you, pick one Yoga class a week to consistently go to. Starting off with one is a great way to release a bit of pressure, and can easily fit into your routine without overwhelming you. 

    yogi peace club australian eco yoga mats

    This is by far one of my favourite productivity secrets! It's ridiculously hard to start the year off without a clear mind or a clear space. Start off with cleaning out your wardrobe, and donating anything that doesn't bring you joy! Once you've finished your closet, I can assure you you would have caught the cleaning bug, then move onto the next clutter challenge! By the time you have done a few loads to your local Op Shop or charity bin, you will feel a thousand times lighter and ready to start your working year. 

     yogi peace club australian eco yoga mats

    This is a monthly pause from something you feel doesn't benefit your diet. Whether it's alcohol, sugar, dairy, or meat, is completely up to you, but the idea is that you cut that particular item completely out for the whole month of February in support of disadvantaged youth in Australia. You register your challenge for Febfast here, and the funds you raise will fund youth workers who dedicate their time to supporting our young Australians. This is a great way to motivate a positive beginning to your new year! 

     Click here to set your Yoga practice up for the year, we have everything you need! 

    How to start Yoga

    How to start Yoga

    I remember walking into my very first Yoga class at my local gym, I was both intrigued and slightly intimidated by the idea of Yoga, because I had heard so many different opinions about what it actually was. I had heard that it included a lot of chanting and meditation, and for someone that was completely ignorant and inexperienced in both of those practices, it definitely shied me away from taking it up sooner. I had also been told that it was mostly stretching and not at all an intense work out, which in my early years is all I craved. All in all, what I had heard about Yoga made me definitively decide it was not really 'my thing'. Until one day, I was lured by one of my close friends to a class at the gym we'd both been going to, and without coming across too dramatic, it was the complete opposite of everything I had assumed, and it changed my life!
    Now your reasons for hesitancy in starting your Yoga journey may be completely different to what mine were. You may have only seen the long limbed, beautifully flexible, Instagram girls posting photos of themselves effortlessly in a difficult shape, and for all accounts that can be intimidating. But if I can touch on one very small part of Yoga as a practice, it's that it is inclusive, beneficial and something that could bring nothing but positivity into your life. So no matter who you are, or what your thoughts on Yoga are, here are a few steps to begin your Yoga journey.


    1. Find a local studio near you that offers a Foundation class or beginners course

    If I can offer one piece of advice as a Yoga Teacher, it is how beneficial it is to start from the basics. You could be very strong and flexible, but learning the foundation of each pose is incredibly important in building a safe and supportive practice. Because believe it or not, you can do some serious long term damage if your alignment isn't protecting your body. 

    2. Detach yourself from your Ego

    This was by far one of the hardest thing I personally faced when beginning my practice. I grew up doing competitive sports, so everything was a competition! I found myself mentally competing not only with myself in classes, but with the people around me, and that is how injuries happen. I would push myself well beyond my limits just to 'prove myself', and let me tell you, as soon as you learn to let go of that monkey on your back not only will your mind thank you, but you will be able to dive so much deeper into your practice as a whole. All it is is learning to listen to your body, if you are tired or think that a pose is too deep for your body, come out and move down into a resting pose. This is has to be one of the most important things about Yoga, and also one of the hardest thing for us to do.

    3. Get supportive equipment

    If after a few classes you find Yoga is definitely something you can see yourself pursuing, then one of the best decisions you can make is investing in a Yoga mat that bests suits you. Using a well-loved, sweaty Yoga mat from your local studio is great to begin with, but a Yoga mat that is yours will deepen and change your practice! If I could recommend any Yoga mat for anyone at the beginning for their Yoga journey it would be our Ultimate Yoga Mats. They are non-slip, super grip technology, perfect to stabilise you and prevent any injuries. There is no harmful PVC chemicals, and it will be a mat to last you a lifetime! 


    Good luck Yogis on beginning your Yoga practice, I hope these steps provide some guidance at the start of your journey. We are always here to answer any questions you have about Yoga or any of our products, so email us at or click here to shop one of our Yoga mats.


    Yogi Intentions 2019

    Yogi Intentions 2019

    We are unbelievably overwhelmed with the amount of love we received during our Yogi Intentions project. It was an opportunity for all of our like-minded Yogis to share their ambitions and intentions for 2019, and it was incredibly difficult to pick only one we resonated with the most. All of your comments were filled with such passion and individuality. We hope that you all were able to find inspiration in this competition, because we certainly did! Here are all of our favourite Yogi Intentions for this up and coming year.

     "My intention for 2019 is 'Let go". Let go of thoughts and patterns which don't serve me. Let go of things I can't control (I'm a massive control freak!). Let go of feeling guilty/bad - about what I've eaten, about feeling happy, about really enjoying something, about relaxing and doing nothing." - @jenmkyoung

    "To inspire others more! Taking that focus from myself and placing more on others, asking myself how can I add more value to others life" - @gretazart

    "To be unapologetically me" - @dedikatedtowellness

    "My intention for 2019 is to embrace each day and truly live in the moment! Time to let go of everything that's dragging me down, from my past and release any fears or doubts about the future. I just want to live and enjoy each day as it comes" - @streakybayyoga

    "To take a moment in times of struggle, to remind myself that I am as strong as the people around me say I am; and then to keep fighting" - @mcmurray_kelly


    Thank you for inspiring such positive and passionate intentions for 2019. We can't wait for another year of Yogi love with you all.