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Yogi Intentions 2019

Yogi Intentions 2019 - Yogi Peace Club

We are unbelievably overwhelmed with the amount of love we received during our Yogi Intentions project. It was an opportunity for all of our like-minded Yogis to share their ambitions and intentions for 2019, and it was incredibly difficult to pick only one we resonated with the most. All of your comments were filled with such passion and individuality. We hope that you all were able to find inspiration in this competition, because we certainly did! Here are all of our favourite Yogi Intentions for this up and coming year.

 "My intention for 2019 is 'Let go". Let go of thoughts and patterns which don't serve me. Let go of things I can't control (I'm a massive control freak!). Let go of feeling guilty/bad - about what I've eaten, about feeling happy, about really enjoying something, about relaxing and doing nothing." - @jenmkyoung

"To inspire others more! Taking that focus from myself and placing more on others, asking myself how can I add more value to others life" - @gretazart

"To be unapologetically me" - @dedikatedtowellness

"My intention for 2019 is to embrace each day and truly live in the moment! Time to let go of everything that's dragging me down, from my past and release any fears or doubts about the future. I just want to live and enjoy each day as it comes" - @streakybayyoga

"To take a moment in times of struggle, to remind myself that I am as strong as the people around me say I am; and then to keep fighting" - @mcmurray_kelly


Thank you for inspiring such positive and passionate intentions for 2019. We can't wait for another year of Yogi love with you all.