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All the ways to use our Yoga Wrap

All the ways to use our Yoga Wrap - Yogi Peace Club

We have just recently released our amazing new Embrace Yoga Wrap, just in time for winter and the chilly weather! If you've been following Yogi Peace Club, you may remember our Savasana Wrap from many moons ago. A gorgeous Yoga wrap that was designed to not only be stylish and comfortable, but be completely functional in your Yoga practice!

Because our original Savasana Wrap was so popular we have redesigned the wrap in new gorgeous winter colours in a completely new pattern. We have had so many customers tell us that they want to wear our yoga mats because they love the prints - well now you can! Deep hues of navy, or the earthy tones of maroon we have got it covered. Enough talk about style, let's dive straight into the functionality of this Wrap and how you can incorporate it into your practice. 

yogi peace club eco yoga mats australia yoga blanket

If you regularly practice at a local studio, you may have noticed within the selection of props there is a Yoga blanket. Which is exactly what you can substitute your Embrace Yoga Wrap for. But are you not quite sure how to use this prop in your practice? Here are a few tips!

To create space

We often use our Yoga blocks to create distance or support throughout shapes in our practice. Our Yoga Wrap is a great option to create that same space when a block feels a little too high. 

Examples: To prop your hips and sit bones up in hip opening postures, like Pigeon Pose or Wide Leg forward folds

yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat australia

To support and soften

A great way to use our Yoga Wrap is to soften the ground beneath you when putting your body weight on certain joints and parts of the body. 

Examples: Placing your Wrap folded under your knee in a low lunge, or both knees in Camel.

yogi peace club eco printed yoga mats australia

In your Savasana

A perfect blanket to drape over your body to keep your warm during your Savasana, making sure your in your most comfortable position. 

Click here to shop our multi functional Embrace Wrap, the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe and the perfect support prop for your practice!

yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat australia

yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat australia