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Who made your clothes?

Who made your clothes? - Yogi Peace Club

It's Fashion Revolution week! This is a week to encourage transparency in the fashion industry, where brands show the people and conditions within their supply chain. In the hopes to encourage fair and safe working conditions, gender equality and environmental sustainability throughout the entire process of production. 

You may recognise this movement from it's support via social media. Where various brands throughout the years have been posting photos of their production teams holding the sign 'I made your clothes'. This is an extremely important movement for the fashion industry, because we as consumers are starting to be really mindful about where our products are coming from. Whether it's unsafe environments, unethical treatment, gender inequality or environmentally damaging, we should all care about who and where we are buying our products from.

This week is a wonderful opportunity for people to support brands who make the expected effort to source from factories who have ethical values for their employees and care for their effect on the environment. 

Here are some photos of the staff we work with from our suppliers. We spoke with  our treasured production manager Catherine about her role.

What is your name? Catherine Feng

What country do you live in? China

How has making these products and working in this factory benefited your life? Working in my factory, it is not only to support our own family , but also can help those new clients who start up their own brand in fitness wear line. And this fulfils my own personal values in this society, being responsible to my job and myself .

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yogi peace club fashion revolution week

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