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Yogi Diaries: Andy Kovszun @noshoes_noworries

Yogi Diaries: Andy Kovszun @noshoes_noworries - Yogi Peace Club
To celebrate the launch of our latest eco friendly collection, Oracle, we caught up with Yoga Teacher, Model, Writer and YPC muse, Andy Kovszun (@noshoes_noworries) to chat all things yoga and sustainability.
Yogi Peace Club collaborated with Andy and Northern Beaches based photographer, Ellie Bobbie to shoot the Oracle Collection on a gorgeous winters day at Palm Beach. 

YPC: What does Yoga mean to you?
Andy: Yoga means everything to me.  It’s a mindset, a way of life. It’s (relatively) cheap therapy, and my non-negotiable habit to stay sane. Ironically the practice of yoga, spiritually and physically, has been responsible for both my absolute hardest times and  happiest moments in life. It’s always been a home base of sorts, something I can always hold on to to feel connected and grounded. Yoga, in the literal sense means “to yolk” which means to unify. And I think in a very simple way, Yoga means being, having and understanding that unification in your life. 

  YPC: How long have you been practising yoga for? 

Andy: I had my first yoga class when I was 15, and played around with it for a couple of years, but only seriously got into it about 5 years ago when I moved to Australia. I had just moved here by myself, didn’t know anyone and was looking for a sense of community. From my very first class I was hooked, and my transition into teacher training felt like a very logical, natural next step. I remember being so intrigued with how everything worked;  the teachers, their performance, their knowledge. It was a whole world I felt connected to yet I knew I had so much to learn. Even to this day, after undergoing a few more trainings, I’m still curious. I have to admit it hasn’t always been easy and there are many times when I needed a break,  cold turkey. There’s such a thing as overdose when it comes to yoga (at least, for me). But not matter how long I stop, I never really quit and always come back to it. 
YPC: Where is your favourite place to practise your flow?
Andy: In a heated yoga room! Wish I could say outdoors but I find it distracting and often times wobbly. Yoga in a dedicated, clean and calm space is the best way to really feel calm and connected. Of course, everyone is different! In winter I really love the warmth of a heated studio but come summer, especially in Australia, opening the windows can have the same effect! 
YPC: How do you stay grounded?
Andy: I’m very aware of when I don’t feel grounded, it’s something that makes me very jittery and unsettled. Feeling grounded for me is something I make sure I instill in my everyday. I take a lot of time for myself. Through meditation, yoga, reading, writing, walks outside and self care rituals.  There are times when I’m around people 24/7 and I absolutely thrive on the energy and excitement — but other times when I need to replenish that energy.  

YPC: What is your favourite sustainable tip?
Andy: Small changes, better habits, more often. Any little thing like bringing your reusable cup, switching to reusable straws, purchasing eco-friendly or sustainable items. If it counts as one less piece of plastic in your life, then good. 
YPC: What do you look for in the perfect yoga set?
Andy: Breathable, comfy material and a flexible, stretchy material. I can’t tell you how many yoga outfits I’ve had that dig into my skin in all the wrong places or don’t allow me to lift my leg all the way up. A good material, like the spice set, really makes the difference between a good yoga class and a great yoga class. I like to think of it as feeling almost naked — you want to forget it’s there! 
 YPC: What is your favourite piece from the Oracle collection? 
Andy: Definitely the spice set and the mystic yoga set! The print and colours are really earthy and grounded, which is right up my alley. And as mentioned before, you really can’t beat quality material! 

Follow Andy @noshoes_noworries for more yoga magic and inspiration 
Photos @elliebobbie
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