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Staying Grounded At Home With @connieandluna

Staying Grounded At Home With @connieandluna - Yogi Peace Club
To celebrate Yogi Peace Club's Grounded week we caught up with Connie Cao, Melbourne based content creator and influence behind @connieandluna.
Connie is based in Melbourne and currently in week 4 of Stage 4 lockdown. With this tough and trialing time it is more important than ever to be connected to your practice and stay grounded. We asked Connie how she is staying positive and grounded during these times.

YPC: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Connie: I live in Melbourne with my partner Tom & our little papillon Toro. I've always grown up fascinated by nature, art and the environment and work full time creating content for my website & Instagram CONNIE AND LUNA as well as creating handmade accessories for my shop ( which I sell online as well as craft markets). I'm really passionate about a more sustainable lifestyle. I completed my permaculture design certificate last year and my current major project at the moment at home is using permaculture principles to convert our garden (& home) into a beautiful food-producing oasis that also looks after our local wildlife!

YPC: How do you stay grounded in your daily routine?
Connie: I love keeping a gratitude & positivity journal which I journal in every night. It helps serve as a great reminder of all the lovely little things about life. I also love doing a gentle breathing exercise or yoga flow for a little meditative break and stretch.

YPC: What is your morning ritual?
Connie: I love starting each morning with a walk with Toro (our little papillon), a wander through the veggie patch and a cup of hot tea (my favourite is green and herbal teas).

YPC: What are your top 3 tips for staying grounded in lockdown?
  1. Limit your exposure to news where possible. I used to check online news websites way too many times a day making me distracted and anxious and now try to limit it to once every afternoon which has worked out great! 
  1. Spend less time on social media. It's nice to have a break and just enjoy your surroundings. 
  1. Pick up a hobby to do at home. Whether it be baking, painting, reading or yoga. Now's a great time to lean into some of the things we didn't always have so much time to explore. 

YPC: How does yoga help you stay grounded?
Connie: I love the meditative nature of a yoga practice and how it's not just about the physical aspect and poses but also your mind and energy. I love being on the mat and feeling the calming energy from doing a sun salutation or just some simple cat-cow stretches. It really helps to break up my day and appreciate things as they are.

You can follow Connie @connieandluna 

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