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Its our 4th Birthday! Meet the yogi behind the brand.

Its our 4th Birthday! Meet the yogi behind the brand. - Yogi Peace Club

Hey Guys its Em from Yogi Peace Club! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for for your support with my brand. 

It's the fourth birthday of YPC! I just thought I would share a little about the brand that I created four year ago. Firstly, I have to say thank you to my customers. I feel incredibly grateful to have so many loyal customers. Without this support the brand would not exist.

Secondly, I have to say how lucky I am to have two wonderful girls that work for YPC. The beautiful Tess has been working for me for two years, and recently I employed my second employee Sarah. We all love yoga and Tess and I are both yoga teachers. Many of you think my business is much bigger, but it's just the three of us. So you can imagine how hard we have to work to deliver the products to you on time. 

My goal is simple, I just want my products to make people happy. I have learnt so much about running a small business. And what keeps me going is my love of design, yoga and the beautiful customers. I look forward to share many new innovative designs and products with you over the years to come. Read the journey of YPC below......

Here are some photos of the YPC team
Em, Tess and Sarah

Tess Yogi Peace Club

Sarah Yogi Peace Club

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I live near Bells Beach with my husband and two gorgeous children.

I grew up by the beach in Barwon Heads and have always had an interest in the Yogic lifestyle and philosophies. I practice Yoga everyday and I am yoga instructor at Yoke Yoga in Torquay. I have a diploma of Hatha Yoga and a Diploma of Yin Yoga.

My loves in life are simple - my family, yoga, the beach, happiness, health, being in nature, friends and fashion.

Much of my design experience comes from working within the surf industry, where I have worked for the past 15 years. Creating Yogi Peace Club has given me the opportunity to express the things I love in design.

When and how did the idea for YPC first come about?

Yogi Peace Club started four years ago. The brand was derived from my love of yoga, the beach, color and prints. 

The idea was inspired while in Byron Bay with my family. I wanted a brand that felt inclusive and made people feel like they are part of a Club, while invoking a feeling of community and inclusion.

My ideology for the brand is to bring the “inner yogi” out in everyone. With unique colors and prints I hope to inspire people to try yoga.

Owner Emma Barr Yogi Peace Club

Emma Barr Yoga
What do you enjoy most about running YPC?

I love the fact that I have full creative control of the brand and I can be as experimental as I want with the design.

I love the freedom and flexibility and not being accountable to anyone else. Also working with my two beautiful part time girls Tess and Sarah. We have so much fun and lots of laughs! And of course going to yoga whenever I choose!

What do you find most challenging?

I am always time poor. There is so much to do running a small business so I always feel like I am rushing! I pack as much as I can into everyday.

What are you most proud of to-date?

Being voted by Elle Magazine as one of the Top 10 Yoga Brands.

Elle magazine Yogi Peace Club

How has the company having grown?

The company has grown through hard work and dedication. It is not as easy as it looks. Instagram has been a major part of my success.

Being a yoga teacher I know what yogis require so we rigorously test the products to ensure they perform in yoga.

Our products are authentic and they work. They are designed with love!

How has life changed for you since then?

My life is very busy and I am lucky to have a small team of two girls that help me achieve the goals for Yogi Peace Club. Without them I don’t know where I would be.

What is life like outside of the business?

My family always come first. But I try to get to as many yoga classes as I can, when I am not teaching yoga.

I love walking to Bells Beach, which I try do most days. And I love surfing in the summer with my husband and kids.

We have a tropical garden so spending time in the garden is energising and seeing growth in the garden is fulfilling, rewarding and balancing.

Emma Barr Yogi Peace Club

 Emma Barr Yogi peace Club

Do you have any advice for other people wanting to start their own business?

Never give up. It's damn hard work and it never stops. Yogi Peace Club is not a job for me it’s a passion and I love it.

If you have a passion or a dream, follow your heart and take the journey, no matter how difficult the path may be.

Listen to your instinct, keep things simple, be authentic and don’t give up.

What are the hopes for the future of the business?

My dream for Yogi Peace Club is simple - I just want my products to make people happy. Yoga aims to transform the body and mind, so I am taking that philosophy with the business with a sense of all things tropical, peaceful and fun. 

One day I would love to have my own yoga studio with a store and café attached with my design space above. It’s a big dream but I hope to get there one day. 

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