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    Emma Barr Owner of Yogi Peace ClubEmma Barr yogi peace club

    About Me

    My dream for Yogi Peace Club is simple

    "I just want my products to make people happy."

    I grew up by the beach in Australia.

     Diploma of Hatha Yoga qualified Yoga Instructor I teach at Yoke Yoga Torquay.

    Love Yoga and Practice Yoga everyday.  

    My Design experience comes from working within the surf industry, where I have worked for the past 15 years.

    My love of the yoga, the beach, colour, and travel inspired me to create Yogi Peace Club.

    I give thanks to Yoga and Beach for its inspiration.

     Thanks, love and gratitude to the support of my beautiful family and special friends. 

    Hope you enjoy your Yogi Peace Club purchases as much as I did in creating them. 

    My Little bit to Help the Environment

     I wanted to create a brand that contributes to environmental sustainability, and brings awareness to the dangers that plastic can make to the environment. There are little changes we can make in our purchases that can reduce our carbon footprint. Even if its as simple as buying a PVC free yoga mat.   

    PVC is the single worst plastic according to several health organizations. Greenpeace has been lobbying to stop the use of PVC because of the dioxin produced during its manufacture. Toxic for humans and the environment and unfortunately many yoga mats are 100% PVC. Unfortunately many yoga mats are 100% PVC polyvinyl chloride.

    We pride ourselves on using natural biodegradable tree rubber with 100% vegan micro fibre with all of your yoga mats.