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Yogi Diaries: Nadia Stamp @nadiastamp

Yogi Diaries: Nadia Stamp @nadiastamp
Yogi Peace Club recently caught up with yogi, entrepreneur & marketing guru, Nadia Stamp to chat all things yoga and where she finds inspiration!
Nadia has recently moved to Geelong and launched her own dip powder nail system, DIPD nails. 
You can follow Nadia  @nadiastamp
YPC: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Nadia: I have recently moved from Melbourne to Geelong with my partner Glen. I grew up in Adelaide where I studied and established my career in Marketing and Media. I travelled a lot as a media presenter and later moved to Brisbane where I spent 6 years. I love the ocean and spend most weekends beach hopping along the coast. I have always practiced yoga and fell in love with many forms over the years. Moving to Geelong was important to me as I felt very claustrophobic in Melbourne city, little nature and no outdoor adventures, trips to yoga meant a 30min drive in a traffic jam that often undid much of my yoga zen. Whilst in Brisbane, after a very long 6 years of being single and 37, I took the plunge and went on Married at First Sight. Before you judge haha this was the season that escalated MAFS into a very highly watched and judged show. I can safely say all the participants were down to earth normal people in their mid to late 30’s looking for love. We were all very blindsided and shocked by the way it was edited and how invested Australia became. This was a very big lesson for me as my life because my life became very public there for a while and much went out into the media like daily mail and magazines that wasn’t true. My skin became thick and found a way of blocking it out and getting on with my life gracefully. I have worked as a business developer and marketing consultant for many years building big brands from skin clinics to fashion labels. I have always worked hard behind the scenes to help people as that gives me a sense of purpose.  I have a business called DIPD Nails which is an Australian Made dip powder system women can do at home. Once I discovered I could develop this product, I will never need to visit a salon again! My aim is to empower women and help women be the best version of themselves. It has been a great focus for me.
YPC: What is your morning ritual?
Nadia: I generally get up and go to yoga or pilates but whilst in lockdown, I take a long walk with my whippet along the bay and reflect upon how grateful I am to be here in Geelong and the life I have. No matter how big or small, abundant or minuscule my life is, I have learned to embrace it whole heartedly and stay authentic to it. I work across social media which can be so toxic so staying true to who I am is important as there are many out there who curate a very fake life and that’s just not me.
YPC: What activities bring you joy?

Nadia: I love adventure! Surfing is fun! Riding my bike and thrashing myself on big long endurance rides make me feel strong mentally. Seeing friends, having a wine and a laugh is also great for the soul! Yoga- getting into the deepest pose and feeling the stretch makes me feel like I’m giving my body such a special gift- of vitality!
YPC:What is your favourite quote?

Nadia: Be yourself, everyone is taken (Oscar Wilde)
YPC: What is your Yoga favourite pose?

Nadia: I love the Triangle pose (trikonasana). It opens up my chest, pelvis. I’m also very fond of backhanding for the flexibility of my back and back strength as everything we seem to do in life is forward bending so great to exercise this in an opposite manner.
YPC: What inspires you?

Nadia: Other women encouraging other women! People who help people for no other reason but for humanity and the pleasure of seeing others grow around them. A community that is rich in culture and aspiring to develop and grow so the following generations can live a healthy and positive life!
Nadia is wearing the Spice Yoga Leggings & Bra set available here ($139.99)

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