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Essence Yoga Collection

Essence Yoga Collection - Yogi Peace Club

Here at Yogi Peace Club we are infamous for our beautiful loud prints, from eco yoga mats, to yoga bras and yoga leggings. Every print is designed to make you feel wonderful. This beautiful new collection is no exception, we could not be more proud of this range of printed leggings. Which is why I decided to sit down with fellow Yogi and Owner of our beloved Yogi Peace Club, Emma Barr, and find out a little more about the inspiration and meaning behind our new Essence Collection. 

Where does the word Essence fit into this collection?

This collection is all about capturing the essence of Yoga, on and off the mat. It will not only make you feel empowered but embodies the spirit of Yoga through a sensory experience of soft fabrics and supportive equipment that will carry you throughout your practice. A combination of beautiful prints carefully designed by Australian artists, and created by Yogis, this collection is not only about how you look, but how it makes you feel. Full of love and passion, this range captures the true essence of a Yogi. 

What is personally your favourite print?

As much as every print holds a piece of my heart, I find myself gravitating towards the soft pastel colours of our new Asana Earth Legging.

What makes these leggings such a perfect fit for yoga specifically?

We are lucking enough to have a full team of Yogis here at YPC, so everyone contributed an aspect to a pair of leggings that would help enhance their practice. The invisible draw string within the waistline is there to make sure your leggings never move throughout your practice, the high waistline is a great support detail, and is extremely flattering. Soft on your skin, these leggings feel as if they are apart of you, empowering and something you'll never have to think of during your practice.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I have always wanted Yogi Peace Club to be recognisable by beautiful prints and colours that can empower almost anyone. Being a Yoga Instructor myself, Yoga to me has always been a sensory experience, not always about how you look in a pose but how that pose makes you feel in your body, and in your mind. I wanted to intertwine that value into this collection, to make sure not only do these leggings look amazing, but they make you feel amazing. 

What about this collection is different to anything else you've designed here at Yogi Peace Club?

We have had an amazing array of printed leggings, coloured leggings and eco bamboo leggings. Each and every one embodying the values of Yogi Peace Club. But I truly feeling that this collection has reached a whole new level, the prints are bohemian, ocean inspired each one made for a different type of Yogi. The fit is created to enhance your practice and feels incredible on your skin. You'll never want to take them off! 

 Yogi Peace Club Essence Of Yoga Collection


Yogi Peace Club Essence Of Yoga Collection


Yogi Peace Club Essence Of Yoga Collection

Click here an exclusive offer for the new collection! Free shipping Australia wide, and comes in compostable packaging.