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A morning with a Yogi

A morning with a Yogi - Yogi Peace Club

How do you start your day off? Mornings are a great way to set a tone for the rest of your day, and there are plenty of ways to start your day off positively. As yogis it's important to begin mornings with a healthy, energising breakfast and a quick practice. 

We absolutely love a Vegan protein shake packed full of goodness for breakfast. But protein powder is a difficult product to buy, because there are so many brands that don't give you the proper nutrients you expect to receive.

After sifting through the brands, we have found our absolute favourite,The Plantiful Protein powder from Morlife! Deriving it's protein from certified organic brown rice protein and pumpkin seed protein, this delicious mix is both vegan and gluten free. There are so many ways to incorporate this powder into your diet, so we thought we would walk you through our favourite morning recipe.

morlife yogi peace club


Firstly you're going to need 1 Banana, 1 bunch of Kale leaves, a dash of Almond Milk, your Morlife Plantiful Protein powder, the Morlife Alkalising Greens powder mix, and a blender of your choice!

morlife yogi peace club

Loosely break up your Banana and Kale leaves and place them in your blender with half a cup of water, and top with one scoop of Morlife Plantiful protein powder.

yogi peace club

Add a dash of Almond Milk, we recommend reaching for unsweetened brands, as some can have quite a bit of hidden sweeteners in them!

yogi peace club

Add a spoonful of Morlife's Alkalising Green Powder, we love the Acai Raspberry flavour!

yogi peace club

Option to add a few cubes of ice to keep it nice and refreshing! 

After breakfast we love to create time for a quick Yoga Practice, whether that is 5 minutes of Meditation or a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A to get our body and mind balanced for our day. If you haven't got a lot of time on your hands in the morning, click here to see our 5 Basic Tips for Meditation. 

If you would like to incorporate a little Asana after breakfast, doing a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A, is a great way to warm the body. If you would like to add a few more dynamic postures to your Sun Salutations, here are 5 poses and they're benefits on our bodies.

1. Chair Pose - An amazing way to build fire and heat in the body! Perfect to add in from Tadasana in your Sun Salutation sequence.

yogi peace club eco bamboo clothes

2. Boat Pose - Perfect to awaken and strengthen those core muscles. Add in after a few rounds of your Sun A's, with a transition from High to Low Boat Pose to really feel the engagement.

yogi peace club eco bamboo clothes

3. Closed Twist - Helps with the movement of your digestive system! Twist towards the left first, and make sure to keep length through your spine. Deepen the twist by using the engagement of your core muscles!

 yogi peace club eco bamboo clothes

4. Bridge Pose - Increases energy levels in the body! Engage your glutes and press the soles of the feet into the earth to lengthen your heart to your chin.

yogi peace club eco bamboo clothes

5. Viparita Karani - Leaves you feeling calmer, clearer and revitalised. Also can be done with the support of a wall, and typically held for 20 breaths.

yogi peace club eco bamboo clothes

 Life can get in the way sometimes, and we can often be overwhelmed with the lack of time in the mornings. The most important thing we can do to feel clear, energised and healthy, is have a nutritious breakfast, which is why we love our Morlife products so much. Packed with everything we need to start our day! 

Click here to browse through the products we have used in our Protein Shake recipe. 

We have also released a beautiful new Bamboo and Organic Cotton range, Click here to shop sustainably!