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5 Basic Tips for Meditation

5 Basic Tips for Meditation - Yogi Peace Club

Meditation is an incredible thing for both our minds and our bodies. We more often or not get caught up in our busy lifestyles, and forget to dedicate time purely to ourselves. Meditation is a great way to find balance and alter your perspective on life. But it can be a difficult thing to commit to, especially when we feel like our minds are running at a million miles per hour and can't seem to find that sense of quietness easy. So here are 5 simple and easy tips to bring the practice of Meditation into your every day life.

1. Meditate in the morning

A great way to start your day, but also easier to dedicate time. Our afternoon can be filled with anything from, work, to school pick ups, or to cooking dinner, and more often or not life gets the better of us, it's easy to forget about the time you want to give to yourself. Our minds can be a little clearer in the mornings, so try a short meditation to take on the day.

round yoga mat yogi peace club eco

2. Give yourself 2 Minutes

Lengthy meditation can be difficult for people only just beginning their journey, and if you find it hard to sit still for too long, start by just meditating for 2 minutes every morning. Then once you become accustom to the sensations, begin to build from there.

round yoga mat yogi peace club eco

3. Just observe

Thats all it is. Just become an observer of your mind and body. Just watching thoughts and feelings come and go, and noticing how your body feels in this moment. Direct your focus internally, and it's okay if your mind wanders! Whenever you feel like you've lost control, just gently direct your mind back into observing the body and the breath.

round yoga mat yogi peace club eco

4. Try not to focus on how, just do!

There is no right way to meditate. Just begin in a position where you are completely comfortable, and focus on your breath. Try not to focus on the progress you are making, or whether what you're doing is right, just surrender yourself to the moment.

round yoga mat yogi peace club eco

5. Breath

Focusing your attention on the breath can allow you to draw back to the present moment. Feeling each inhale and exhale move through the body, and if at any point you feel your mind beginning to wander outside the moment, just bringing it back to your breath.


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