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Staying Grounded With @bonniencosta

Staying Grounded With @bonniencosta - Yogi Peace Club

We caught up with YPC muse Bonnie Costa to ask her a few questions on how she stays grounded in her daily routine. Bonnie works with the YPC team as well as teaching Yoga & Pilates at our favourite studio @upstatestudios.

YPC: Tell us a bit about yourself!
Bonnie: I am originally from California and a former professional ballet dancer. I found yoga and meditation as a way to keep my body moving in my off weeks from dance. I quickly realised the immense benefits of the practice and retired from dance knowing that my path was to share movement with others. I do what I love everyday!

YPC: How do you stay grounded in your daily routine?
Bonnie: I find it really important to listen to my body, especially when I am busy. I am a big one for naps and resting when I need it. I also like to carry with me essential oil sprays so that I can give myself a spritz whenever I need a moment to recenter and connect to a sense of mindfulness amongst the to-do lists. 

YPC: What is your morning ritual?
Bonnie: I wish I was more of a morning person, but I tend to find more energy later in the day. When I do wake up coffee comes first. After coffee, I'll have something to eat as I'm usually starving! Then I'll hop on my mat and begin a yoga or meditation practice that includes planning whatever classes I am teaching that day. 

YPC: How does yoga help you stay grounded?
Bonnie: Yoga is all about tuning inward for me and letting everything else melt away. Clarity arises when everything is allowed to quiet down. Moving through my practice connects me to the stability of the earth and my mat, allowing me to find freedom in my body. This reminds me of what is truly valuable in my life.

You can join Bonnie's pilates and yoga classes at Upstate Studios.  

Bonnie is wearing the Grounded Yoga Set available here ($139.99) on the Flow Sunrise and Desert Sand Yoga Mats available here ($119.99) 

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