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Ash Hart - An Inspirational Yogi

Ash Hart - An Inspirational Yogi - Yogi Peace Club
In celebration of International Women’s Day, we had the honour in speaking with international model, certified health coach & yogi, Ash Hart. We spoke to Ash about all things yoga, & what it means to be a women.

We have always been inspired by Ash and her spiritual yoga journey. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ash in Byron Bay while she was visiting for a wedding. Ashley Hart takes her health and wellness seriously, and is not only a model and yogi she is also Swisse Australia ambassador. She practices yoga daily and has a consistent meditation practice. Ash grew up in regional Victoria and now her time is split between Austin Texas and L.A USA.  

"My favourite thing about being a women is our strong intuition" - Ash Hart


Which female has been the most inspirational person in your life?

I have to say my mother. As a single mum she showed me by example how to be strong and soft and both masculine and feminine, because she had to play all the roles. She had to be badass business women and a caring nurturing mother. One of the most influential things that my mother brought into my life was my connection to Spirit. She planted the seed for my spirituality from a very young age-, which is now the most inspirational elements of my life and the thing I am most grateful for about mum.  

What is your favourite yoga pose?

I like to say my favourite yoga type is Vinyasa because the breathe connects you to each pose. I consider a sequence as one pose, so sun salutation A & B are my favourite poses,  they are the beginning structure to my whole practice.  

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I am currently setting up home in Austin Texas with my love and there is nowhere else I’d  rather be, it feels so right and exciting and is such a beautiful space. It is right on a lake with so much to do, we are building fences, growing the garden, setting up the furniture and putting energy into such a beautiful space that feels like home. It’s such dreamland and something we get to build. Austin reminds me of Melbourne, after living in America for 13 years it feels like it creates a perfect balance between Australia and the US, for me it feels like home.  

How long have your practiced yoga?

I have been practicing yoga since I was 17, I first started with Bikram Yoga which is a more strict and disciplined practice, , Its what I needed to get my feet in the door yet I eventually evolved into different, more subtle practices of yoga.  

What is your proudest accomplishment?

For me now it's more about the small things, daily commitments to showing up for myself and higher purpose that I am proud of. This is a non negotiable commitment to fulfilling what I am here to do with my life and showing up for people in the way that I can, helping others  in my own unique way. Yoga has taught me to focus on the space between and discovery rather than the end goal. This is a forever unfolding process that I am proud to be in and show up to every day without putting pressure on the end goal.  

What are you reading currently?

I am currently reading two books, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries & The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual fullfilment by Dianna Richardson , So far both are amazing and helping me expand in the areas I’m currently most interested in.    

Who, or what, was your biggest teacher?

My mistakes have always been my biggest teachers. I have been willing enough to make the mistakes and draw lessons from each experience.  I follow the process of trying to find what is right and true for me by following my intuition. I have thrown myself into situations to gain clarity, learn by experience and refine that. I am becoming more and more subtle and understanding how to move, live and listen to my deeper self. My biggest lessons have come from living fearlessly and having the intention to follow my heart no matter what. My yoga, meditation and journaling practices have allowed me to bring more presence, awareness and integration to those learnings.  

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is with my man, having a glass of wine, cooking a beautiful meal and listening to records.  

Are you more Yin or Yang?

I like to think I am balance of both, this changes a lot especially through out my moon cycle which I am learning more and more to listen too. To listen to my own rhythms and different seasons I am in and the environment I am in. I think being able to move through out Yin/Yang ,contraction and expansion, masculine and feminine, push and pull energies,  is what our yoga practice is for, to be able to move through both with as much ease and flow as possible. I am constantly refining and learning when to use both energies and balancing both out.  

What advice would you give to yourself if you were still a teenager?

The advice I would give my teenage self is choose wisely where you spend your time because it is creating your future. Choose your friends wisely, people that share the same passions and visions as you, also know that saying ‘no' to others is a ‘yes' to yourself and to trust yourself.  

What is your favourite thing about being a woman?

My favourite thing about being a women is our strong intuition and being able to feel so much, even though it can feel like and blessing and course sometimes ,I just love being able to experience so much life, through feeling. I also love my ability as a woman to look after others, nurturing people is such great quality to have. It's also so fun being able to wear beautiful things, I love feeling girly, dressing up in sparkly things, wearing lots of jewels and lipstick. Oh and talking, to me that’s so female, I love long, deep endless chats with my girlfriends.

Ash loves wearing Yogi Peace Club and using our Eco yoga mats.

Here are a selection of Ash's fav Yogi Peace Club Styles as seen on on Instagram: