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Upcycle your Old Yoga Mat

Upcycle your Old Yoga Mat - Yogi Peace Club

Our yoga mats are designed by Yogis, made for Yoga and beyond. Give your old Yogi Peace Club yoga mat new life and upcycle it! Free from latex, silicone, phthalates and toxins, YPC yoga mats are crafted from post consumer recycled PET plastic, certified by Global Recycled Standard and designed for longevity. Featuring beautifully hand drawn illustrations by local artists, YPC yoga mats make a beautiful non-slip piece for upcycling. Here is our guide on how to continue the lifecycle of your old mat and how to keep it out of landfill in six easy and fun ways. 

Yogi Peace Club Eco Yoga Mats


Our printed mats have a super grip micro fibre top made from recycled PET plastic and a natural rubber PVC free base, which can be cold washed in a front loader on a gentle cycle. Our Ultimate Mats are crafted from 100%  natural rubber and polyurethane. Simply refresh with water and a cloth.

how to upcycle and recycle a yoga mat


Hang your mat outside to dry. Your Yogi Peace Club yoga mat is now ready to upcycle! 


Use a pen or pencil to rule out and draw your guide lines onto the mat. Our tip is to use a pen or pencil that is similar to the mat colour, so that your guide lines don't appear on your finished product. If you are unable to find a similar colour pen, simply draw your lines on the reverse side of the mat. 

Here are our top 6 ideas to Upcycle your YPC Yoga Mat:

How to Upcycle and recycle your old yoga mat

How to Upcycle and recycle your old yoga mat

How to Upcycle and recycle your old yoga mat


Our printed mats are moisture wicking and non-slip, making a perfect upcylced piece for a wet zone. Simply decide the dimensions of your new bath mat, use a ruler to measure and draw a straight line across from edge to edge. Cut across this line and put in your bathroom ready to use.

How to Upcycle and recycle your old yoga mat


Coasters are an easy and cute idea. Simply find something round (we used a large mug) and trace around it onto your mat. Repeat this and then cut out your circles. You now have a brand new set of moisture wicking, non-slip coasters. Great as a little gift or van life too.

How to Upcycle and recycle your old yoga mat

How to Upcycle and recycle your old yoga mat


Using a large plate to trace around, the Pot Mat is as simple as the Coasters to create. Perfect for protecting your furniture and floors from moisture, whilst adding a fun and practical look to your indoor nursery. 

How to upcycle and recycle yoga mats


A great idea for beach lovers, surfers and swimmers. Simply cut your mat into a nice large piece, framing an area of artwork to your liking. Store in the car or roll into your beach bag to prevent sand from entering your wetsuit and to keep your feet both protected and clean.

How to upcycle and recycle yoga mats

A moisture wicking, non-slip feeding mat for your beloved pet, keeping the floor clean from spills and mess. Use the narrow end of your mat to utilise the beautiful hand rendered border artwork.

How to upcycle and recycle yoga mats


If you are a gardener or know one, simply cut a small rectangular piece out of your old yoga mat. Keep your knees cushioned and clean whilst you are out enjoying the benefits of garden life. 

How to upcycle and recycle yoga mats

These six simple creations have been crafted from one Yogi Peace Club yoga mat. We hope that these brings inspiration to your practice and beyond. Enjoy the creative process of continuing the lifecycle of your Yogi Peace Club yoga mat and the positive energy that upcycling brings. We would love to see your ideas and exploration. Please share via socials and tag us: