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Shooting Star Flow - Yoga Pose of the Week

Shooting Star Flow - Yoga Pose of the Week - Yogi Peace Club

Lotus Round Yoga Mat from Yogi Peace Club on Vimeo.


Authenticity has to be one of our most important values here at Yogi Peace Club. We are a brand made for Yoga completely run by Yoga instructors, and having such a great quality like that, is what makes our products inspire the inner yogi in all of us. So we decided to start a campaign showing our products being used, launching our Yoga Pose of the Week.

This week we did a Shooting Star inspired Flow, perfect to mix things up in between standing poses. Using our gorgeous Lotus Round Yoga Mat, Emma runs through Side Plank, Reverse Dog, Fallen Star and finishing in a Three Leg Dog. During this Flow, it is really important to make sure you are engaging your core thorough out each pose, as well as the transition in between. 

Side Plank (Vasisthasana) - Extending out on the Knife edge of your bottom foot, keeping hips lifted high, wrapping your waistline in to engage your core, extend the arm up. 

Reverse Dog (Camatkarasana) - Heart opening and extending forward, keeping both feet planted on the floor and equally engaging, micro bend weight bearing arm.

Fallen Star (Patita Tarasana) - Coming onto the inside edge of your weight bearing foot, expanding through the front of your chest, engaging your core, micro bending the weight bearing arm

Three Leg Dog (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana) - Externally rotating your biceps, engaging core, lifting the leg to hip height, while keeping the hips square.

We hope you loved our Yoga Pose of the Week, we look forward to seeing you on your Yogi Peace Club Mat next week!