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Meet Our Muse: Allira Potter

Meet Our Muse: Allira Potter - Yogi Peace Club
We are so proud to finally be able to share our very exciting collaboration with Yorta Yorta woman, Allira Potter. Allira is a talented reiki practitioner, intuitive reader, energy healer, life coach and self love advocate. 
Allira has been a long time friend and supporter of Yogi Peace Club. We wanted to collaborate with Allira to share her message of self love and give back to her community by donating 10% of profits to a charity that is very close to her heart. Allira has chosen to The Dhadjowa  Foundation as her chosen charity. We co-designed the artwork with a local artist to create a unique design connecting to Allira and her energy as healer. 
This collaboration is electric and you can feel it! Made from 100% certified ethical and organic cotton.
Giving back to The Dhadjowa Foundation is very close to Alliras heart and a foundation that we feel very honoured to be able to support. We hope that through this collaboration we can gain awareness and support on a very importation topic that is often over looked within our Australian community.
You can meet our muse Allira Potter below to discover more about Alliras journey and her decision to support The Dhadjowa Foundation through this collaboration. 
You can purchase our Allira Potter X Yogi Peace Club Tshirt here.  
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Allira and I am a pretty multi-faceted human!I'm an energy healer, intuitive reader, Coach, Model, Author and a lot more.I live down on Waddawaurng country with my 2 x pets cosmo and harry and life is pretty fun.My day flows from hectic emails to coaching clients around Manifesting and empowerment to the odd yoga session.
2. Where do you find inspiration?
I always find inspiration when I am out in nature, I think this stems from being a First Nations woman and the connection that I have with country.I find that when I am physically grounded I get more of a creative flow. 



3. Tell us a little bit about your healing journey?
My healing journey has and always will be a big one but never one that defines my story but more of one that shows the individual I have become.I lost my mum to cancer at a young age and had to deal with the ebbs and flows of life which resulted in a lot of rock bottoms and trying to keep my head above water.The last 2 years my healing journey has grown from having nothing to listening to my body, eating well, learning more when it comes to energy healing and spirituality which has lead me to where I am now.
4. What is your morning ritual?
My morning ritual chops and changes this week saw me sleeping in more and not really having a routine because I intuitively knew my body needed rest more than me putting it under stress.Some weeks it's me getting up at 6am to head to the gym with my friend followed by coffee at my favourite cafe.
5. What activities bring you joy?
Simple things. Walking my dog cosmo, seeing friends and painting in my downtime.
6. We love your transparency on social media and your advocacy for body positivity and empowerment, why do you find it so important to share self love and empowerment on social media as well as with yourself?
I think it's important to share all of these things because I would hate to see a young girl looking at someone on social media and thinking that they needed to look a certain way because they were different.I have a platform to utilise and I wanted to utilise it in a way that preaches positivity around our bodies to empower humans to love every part of themselves.
7. Why have you chosen Dhadjowa Foundation as your chosen charity? 
I Chose The Dhadjowa Foundation because it's an important foundation to bring to people's eyes.Within our community we see a lot of men and women pass away in custody and it's never shown on mainstream media.The Dhadjowa foundation is really bringing this to the surface in supporting families who have lost loved ones and I for one wanted to be apart of being a person who could bring awareness to this.
8. How are you styling your YPC X Allira Potter tee?
I can already see this being a t shirt I throw on post swim at the beach but also its going to be my go to for when I am heading to my YIN classes.
Quick 5 Questions- 
1. What is your favourite quote?
One that my mumma always drilled into me "Treat everyone with respect, no matter if you disagree with their opinion or values" 
2. What is your favourite yoga pose?
Childs pose all day everyday 
3. What is your favourite food?
4. What is your favourite song?
At the moment anything by The Teskey Brothers
5. What is your favourite holiday destination?