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The benefits of Yoga have been recognized in India for thousands of years, however it is only now that western medicine is beginning to do the clinical research needed to scientifically document its benefits.

Timothy Mc Call, M.D. cites "Western science is starting to provide some concrete clues as to how yoga works to improve healthheal aches and pains, and keep sickness at bay."

Swami Vivekananda first introduced yoga to the United States in 1893, however it wasn't until the 1950's and 60s that Yoga became more well known when Pop culture icons, such as Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles introduced it to their fans.  Fast track to 2016, what was once associated with a alternative hippie culture has now become a part of mainstream life and health and wellness movement. 




yoga the beatles

In 2013 Tim Mc Call M.D collated scientific studies from India as well as the West to identify and explain how yoga can both prevent disease and help you recover from it. These are some of the benefits that were found from practicing yoga regularly:


- Lowers stress

- Improves the immune system

- Tones the body, builds strength and flexibility

- Balances the endocrine system

- Creates a general state of wellbeing

- Regulates your adrenal glands

- Assists in weight control

- Increases energy.  

Yoga Asanas can be part of your everyday. Waking each morning with 10 minutes of yoga which could be as simple as, breathing while is a comfortable seated position, then moving into sun salutes and a few rounds of the warrior poses.

If you cant get to a yoga class, home practice can be just as beneficial. I love Yoga Glo which is a paid subscription to some of the worlds most well respected yoga teachers. There are classes for all levels of yoga. But makes it so easy is that you can practice in your own home.

Feeling the benefits of Yoga are almost instantaneous, as soon as you step on your yoga mat there is a feeling of being grounded and connected to the mind and body. 

All in all, Life ifs better with yoga.





Timothy McCall, M.D.  |  Study of the benefits of Yoga 

75 Health Conditions Benefited by Yoga, as Demonstrated in Scientific Studies

Photos | Via Pinterest

YPC Photoshoot | Tash Craven


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