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Karmic Juice Cleanse

Karmic Juice Cleanse - Yogi Peace Club

Team YPC have partnered with Karmic Pressed Juices to partake in a three day active juice cleanse to reset our bodies and set our intentions for the year! We want to feel refreshed and glowing, ready to take on 2021!

Now is the best time to set your intentions and reset your body and mind by partaking in a juice cleanse! Karmic Pressed Juice cleanses have a powerful range of benefits aiding in digestion, de-bloating, reducing toxicity levels, reducing sugar cravings & enhancing the digestive system. 

Who are Karmic?

Karmic are a great local business based in Melbourne, since founding in 2013 they have been working towards their passion of helping people discover how good their bodies are designed to feel through carefully planned and researched juice cleanses. 

Why Karmic?

Karmic use 100% cold pressed juices which keep the juice as near to its natural state as possible allowing our bodies to absorb all the important minerals, vitamins and enzymes involved in the cleanse. All of Karmic's cleanses are carefully evaluated with Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to allow for harmony and balance within the body.

All of Karmic's Cleanses are low fructose/sugar to protect the bodies liver function and stable blood glucose levels during your cleanse. 

Here is our Karmic Active diary 

karmic Cleanse

The Karmic box is beautifully delivered and has everything you need for the three days of cleansing. As mentioned we chose the Active cleanse so we could continue our yoga, walking and pilates.

Karmic Cleanse


Feeling excited about the cleanse I began my morning with the Morning Zing a beautiful combination of lemon, filtered water and cinnamon. This helps to fire your metabolism, stimulates digestion and is super hydrating. The Leafy Green Juice and the protein bar were delicious. The protein bar was excellent after exercise as it kept me full and was almost like a naughty treat! I had them 90 minutes apart and they were all very satisfying. I had the Chia Pudding at lunch time that got me through until the afternoon.

Karmic Cleanse


The Red Raw juice filled with beets was so delicious. I consumed this around 4:30 when I was starting to feel like it was dinner time. I had the Pumpkin Soup in the evening with some black pepper. So tasty and nourishing. I finished with the beautiful almond milk which was so delicious and warming. The Almond milk contains vital minerals and was a very calm way to end the evening.


I feel so amazing after the cleanse and I highly recommend it. It was challenging at times, to not want to snack, or when my family was making tacos, however I knew that the reward would come at the end. I lost a couple of kilos, but it was more so the sense of clarity I experienced at the end of the cleanse that was the reward.

I feel refreshed and ready to get back into my yoga and pilates routine. I would like to do another cleanse in a month, but for now going to continue careful eating, avoiding alcohol and sugar and try to cut down on snacking so I keep this wonderful clean feeling!! Thanks Karmic for helping me get on my way back to a sense of health!


Day one: Long walk to the beach
Day two: Home Pilates Class
Day Three: Home Yoga class - gentle stretches

Gentle Stretches every evening and a head stand followed by forward folds to calm the nervous system before bed.


Stay committed by sticking to the plan guide. Try to keep yourself busy during the day so you aren't thinking about the food.

Long hot bath and light body exfoliation for radiant skin.

Use our Simple yoga flow charts for home yoga stretches. You can download them for free by going to this link

We would love to offer a special discount code for all followers of Yogi Peace Club to purchase a Karmic Cleanse.
Use Code: YogiPeaceClub for 15% off your order. (Code is case sensitive)