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Celebrating International Yoga Day

Celebrating International Yoga Day - Yogi Peace Club
Today is International Yoga Day. Our team live & breathe yoga, we are so grateful for the benefits it brings into our every day lives. It helps us stay grounded and connected daily. 

This International Yoga Day will be marked at a time when COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend lives and livelihoods of people globally. As yogis we need to spread the message of Yoga, and its benefits in promoting both the physical and mental well-being of humanity. During the pandemic many people around the world have embraced Yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight social isolation and depression has been witnessed 

This year’s theme for International Day of Yoga focuses on “Yoga for well-being” - how the practice of Yoga can promote the holistic health of every individual. In celebration of this Day we reached out to our favourite yogi's to hear what yoga means to them. 

Emma Barr, Yoga Teacher & Yogi Peace Club Founder:

I can’t imagine my life without yoga.
When I step on my yoga mat, I connect to my authentic self. When I am not regularly practicing yoga, I feel it in my mind and body. It helps me to reset and become present. I am so grateful to have a life filled with yoga.

Lola Berry, Yoga Teacher, Author & Founder of Lola Coffee:

It means connecting my body to my breath, it means giving back to myself and it grounds me.

Claudia Wareham, Yoga Teacher & Founder of State Of Salt Retreats:

Yoga to me means living consciously, aware and fully. With richness and quality. With a physical practice or not I truly love the yogic philosophy which has completely enhanced my life for the better.

Joana Duarte, Yoga Teacher & Actress:

Yoga teaches me to be kinder to myself & others. Yoga brings me peace of mind.

Jenna Hutchinson, Artist and Yogi Lover:

Yoga means… time out, time for me, time to re centre,  recharge and reconnect. Yoga for me… is coming home to myself. 🔮🦋🤍

Ashira Paraskevas, Body Positive Influencer:

Yoga means connection to 'self' and being present with my mind, body and truth. Opening up my heart and soul to the world and its offerings.

Ryan Mannix, Yoga Teacher & Founder of It's All Yoga Studio:

Personally, yoga is an opportunity to connect with something bigger than just me.
To move closer to my own energy and therefore to that degree move closer to other.

It’s a sense of community and connection.

Bonnie Costa, Yoga & Pilates Instructor:

Yoga to me brings harmony between my mind and body. It provides clarity and peace within so I can journey through my life on the path meant for me


Amelia Bryan, Yoga Teacher & YPC Team Member: 

Yoga brings us back to our roots, yoga allows us to slow down, to find space within your mind and body to be who you are without judgment. Yoga is being present in everyday life, breathing a little deeper, self acceptance & nurturing. Yoga is love, kindness, honesty and truth. I am eternally grateful for my practice and so honoured to be able to share it with others

Allira Potter, Yogi & Healer:

Yoga means so much more than stretching my body on a mat!

It’s helped with my internal struggles with mental health and constantly keeps me in this state of groundedness ❤️

Tess Lucas, Yoga Teacher & Model:


Yoga, for me, is the practise of finding a deeper sense of connection through the ability to detach. It is a reminder of the strength held in the mind, and just how easy it is to forget that.
Every practice for me, is an opportunity to reflect, and an opportunity to regain perspective on what’s truly important.

Nelly, Yoga Teacher & Freelance Marketer:


Yoga is my home. After uprooting my life and moving to Australia, I knew I could always turn to my yoga practice to keep me grounded and balanced, even though everything around me has changed. Yoga have changed my approach to myself and everything around me it has taught me to feel at home with myself, and confident in my being.

Russelle Beardon: Yoga Teacher

Yoga feels like endless and overlapping majesty, the history, the science, the practice and the state (of yoga) A path to lose our identification with our small self and unlearn our small ways …until we remember our divine essence. Over years of study, practice and teaching, during times of overwhelm and confusion along the yogic way I’ve contemplated and been asked “why do it? what is to be gained through practice?” Others say “Maybe I should give it go, nothing to lose by trying?” Lately I’ve been contemplating, perhaps there is nothing to be gained or learned from yoga…perhaps it’s more that we have everything to lose and forget…eg fear, anger, worry, doubt restlessness, laziness, our delusions and our attachment to the paltry and transient tinsel of life. We learn to let it go and recognise and return to the real gold, the real treasure within.