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Black Salt Co.

Black Salt Co. - Yogi Peace Club

Black Salt Co. Torquay are our local loves. A family run business like ourselves, BSC is heart, quality and beauty led. We catch up with Co-Founder Amber, on the inspiration, blessings and challenges behind the brand and their Bali adventures.

We would love to know how Black Salt Co started in Torquay? Please tell all!

Black Salt Co started when my husband Todd and I had our first child Arizona. My mother Jenny had just relocated from Alice Springs to Torquay to be with us. My mum and I have such a close relationship and we started to brainstorm how we could start a business together that would infuse our passion and interest in homewares, design and travel. Residing along the Surfcoast of Victoria, was such a huge inspiration and bursting with possibilities and ideas.

So in 2016, Black Salt Co was born! We had no idea what it was going to be. From a passion project to now a wholesale and retail lifestyle brand, we acquired our first bricks and mortar store in Torquay in 2019, along with a warehouse DC that now ships Australia wide and a Bali HQ, where our family currently resides. Travel was one of our main factors in starting BSC and now we get to explore the world with our family and now 3 kids!

Your furniture is unique and beautiful where do you find inspiration to design such wonderful pieces?

We find inspiration everywhere we go! Coming from an art / graphics and fashion background, I’m forever stopping in my tracks taking photos of random things, textures, colours and anything that speaks to me. I love looking at fashion brands and artists to get concepts on new colours, patterns and how furniture and homewares can compliment the current trends. I adore the idea that fashion and homewares are one - what we wear is how we should live in our home also, aesthetically complimenting our lifestyle.

You guys are so courageous to moving to Bali last year! what have been the challenges and the blessings?

Moving to Bali has been unreal. It’s already a second home here for us as all my kids have been travelling here since they were a couple of months old. They have lots of stamps in their passports! Bali is such a magical locale, the people, the land, the oceans, it’s just a very peaceful place. It's also filled with loads of inspiration, hustle and bustle and what I love the most is, that anything is possible here. Our suppliers are like family and we love creating new designs and exploring new materials and techniques together. Our kids love trying new foods, exploring new places and meeting new people! They miss they’re friends in Aus but thankfully we live in a time of FaceTime! So they’re pretty lucky. Everyday is a new adventure and we feel so grateful.

How do manage your time with a young family?

We are homeschooling / world schooling here in Bali and it’s been so wonderful. Letting them learn in the best way that works for each of them is so important. Travelling and growing up in a whole different country is world schooling in itself! Learning a new language (they’re Bahasa Indonesia is better than me!), learning a new currency, exploring new spots, there’s always something in each day. With the business, we’re lucky to have all of us working on something different. Jenny, Todd and I are all working with suppliers, wholesale, shipping, warehouse and our shop so we can manage different aspects of the business together. Our beautiful Store Manager Emma and our shop team are so amazing. We are so blessed to have to most incredible team making magic in Torquay for us. Make sure you pop by and say hello! 

Do you have any guidance from entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business?

Just start. So many people tell me about an idea they have for a business or a brand they want to start but not sure when or how to begin. I always say just start one step at a time, register your business, have a look at building a website or talk to a web / graphics team to help you. Start talking to suppliers and just give it a go. We gradually built of business, we didn’t just start with everything. Good things take time and enjoy the ride. If things start to feel like a chore or you’re losing motivation, pivot your plan or go back to the drawing board and find what sparks your fire!

We feel so grateful to be supported by BSC and to be stocked instore. If you are along the Surfcoast Victoria, stop on by, 
try us on and  check out their gorgeous new Postcards collection inspired by all things Bali!

With love,