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Today’s world and Social Media is flooded with imagery that can make you feel connected to a larger community, but at the same time can cause people feel disconnected and even negative. The vision of “I Can Try July” is not about achieving goals, reaching targets or aesthetics - its something more personal, its about trying.

“I Can Try July” hopes to encourage individuals to try and make small changes each day that help promote positivity, health and happiness. Every day for the month of July for those who participant they are encouraged to try and introduce something positive into their everyday living.

It is designed to make them aware that sometimes its the small things can assist in the improvement of general health and well being. The way we eat, drink, breathe, exercise, and interact with people. Here are some of the examples and some of the contributors.

I can try and be a vegan for the day. Recipes and tips for the day and what it means to be a vegan.

I can try and have an adventure with my friends. Get out and about and explore the world around you. Breathe fresh air and spend time with special people in your life. This photo was taken by a beautiful Torquay local photographer Tash Craven. 

I can try yoga. My gorgeous Yoga Teacher Yoga Patch will be offering some beginner to advanced yoga poses to try. Patch will provide tips and ideas on how to get in and out of the poses, and the benefits of each pose.

I can try and be aware of my environment. Brinkley Davies is a marine biologist, vegan, yogi, surfer, traveller. Brinkley is also a founder of Keiko Conservation. Keiko Conservation aims to raise awareness of our oceans and how to protect it. Brinkley hopes to make participants be more aware of what can be done by individuals who care for their oceans and precious environment.

I can try a new exercise routine for the day. Paulina Ohin is a personal trainer/model from Melbourne that runs Your Body Works. Paulina will providing some exercise tips and what she does on a daily basis to keep fit. 

I can try and be kind to someone I know or even a stranger. One of the days may be as simple as trying to be kind to someone or maybe to everyone you meet. 

I can try some positive psychology. Sophie is a Registered Psychologist, MPsychClin Sophie wants to provide some techniques that we can use to assit in building our character strength. She also wants participants to try to change their thinking for the day. Sophie will provide some tips and strategies on how to achieve this. 

I can try and hug a friend, lover or even a pet. Sometimes we forget how good a hug can feel.

The “I can try July” project aims to inspire participants to make the month of July a time to try something that will make each day better for themselves, and their environment, and more importantly make them feel happy. For the 31 days of July there will be a social media post made by Yogi Peace Club that explains the post for the day.

Followers are encouraged to engage and take part by posting their own photo and hashtagging #icantryjuly and @yogipeaceclub. There will be weekly prizes for the most creative posts.

There will be some amazing people involved in the project that will also give their expertise on different posts. Each of the people involved will have their Instagram account linked in to the post with their “I Can Try” Idea for the day. Each day has a different theme with some unique ideas and tips that the participants can try.

Hope you enjoy I Can Try July.

Follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.