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We love Tia Blanco Yogi, Surfer, Vegan

We love Tia Blanco Yogi, Surfer, Vegan - Yogi Peace Club
We love Tia Blanco! Yogi, Vegan, Surfer, Traveller.
Tia Blanco recently shared her healthly habits with Further More where she mentioned how much she driven by the way that her healthy lifestyle makes her feel. “Eat healthy, stay active, sleep well, and work on being in tune with your inner self.” She travels the world with her surfing and highlighted amongst her travel photos are shots of her doing yoga on beautiful beaches in stunning locations.
In the interview with Further More she says “I practice yoga daily and it goes hand-in-hand with my surfing. Yoga is very grounding for me and it is a time where I can focus on self-love and aligning myself.”

Tia Blanco Favourite Yoga Mat

Tia Blanco Yoga Mat

Tia Blanco

Here are some of Tia Blanco’s favourite wellness essentials. Included in her favourite pieces is the

Yogi Peace Club Lotus Blue Eco Friendly Yoga Mat 

Tia Blanco favourite eco friendly yoga mat

Tia Blanco yoga

Tia Blanco YOga

Vegan Yoga Mat

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