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    YOGI PEACE CLUB NEWS — yoga products

    How we do our part for the planet

    How we do our part for the planet

    With the up and coming celebration of World Environment Day this week, we thought we'd take the time to show you just a few things we're doing for the planet. As it's a strong value of ours to always improve our sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint in anyway we can.

    yogi peace club eco friendly yoga mats

    We currently have 3 products that utilise recycled plastic bottles as part of its production. Our best selling Printed Yoga Mats, our Meditation Mat and our new Printed Yoga strap are both made with materials recycled from discarded plastic bottles. We feel very excited to also announce that we are currently designing a range of beautiful printed Yoga Clothes, that will also be made from recycled plastic bottles. Launching this August 2020. 

    yogi peace club eco friendly yoga mats

     We have searched far and wide for the most efficient and sustainable packaging there is. Your Yoga clothes are packaged in compostable bags, and your Meditation Mats in an Organic Cotton reusable Tote bag. We make sure that all packaging used for the transport of our stock is recycled and reused.

    yogi peace club eco friendly yoga mats

    All of our Yoga and Meditation mats are made from natural tree rubber, while also being 100% PVC free. What does that mean for the environment? Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials ever produced. Which is a material normally used to create cheap Yoga mats.To learn more about why PVC is so harmful you both you and the environment, click here to read our blog.

    yogi peace club eco friendly yoga mats

    We are making regular donations to Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, which is a non-for profit organisation that aims to restore Australian land and reproduce natural ecosystems with the planting of native Australian trees. 

    yogi peace club eco friendly yoga mats

    As a small business, manufacturing in Australia is often impossible to do. However wherever we can, we collaborate, buy and print from locally made and owned businesses. Our current collaboration with local protein powder company, Nude makes all of their products in Melbourne, Australia. Our new Celestial Tote bag is made in Australia and printed locally in Geelong. It's a crucial part of our brand values that we support local and Australian businesses wherever we can.

    Introducing Good Vibrations

    Introducing Good Vibrations

    With the summer season emerging there's nothing but good vibes with this gorgeous new collection of yoga clothing. We are so excited to launch this range, full of colourful and iconic prints and plenty of new styles for you to fall in love with.

    Our new printed yoga shorts have to be the star of this group! Now slightly longer in length, these shorts are even cuter when paired back with a matching bra.

    We have also introduced a new yoga bra shape, with a simple two strap back detail. Making sure this bra is supportive and comfortable through your whole practice. Especially for those shapes done on your back, with no clips or cross back.

    Because we have received such a strong amount of love and support for our yoga sets last season. We have added two more to the mix! Not only are we offering some of these gorgeous prints in a bra and legging set, but now also a yoga shorts set and a yoga flares set.

    With all the love and hard work we have put into this range, we hope you love it as much as we do. Introducing our Good Vibrations summer 19' collection...

     yogi peace club eco friendly printed yoga mats

    Blossom Bra & Leggings Set $129.99

    Blossom Bra & Short Set $99.99

    Blossom Yoga Bra $59.99

    Blossom Yoga Leggings $89.99

    Blossom Yoga Shorts $59.99

    yogi peace club eco friendly printed yoga mat australia

    Midnight Bra & Flares Set $139.99

    Midnight Bra & Short Set $99.99

    Midnight Yoga Bra $59.99

    Midnight Yoga Flares $99.99

    Blossom Yoga Shorts $59.99

    yogi peace club eco friendly printed yoga mats australia

    Prana Pink Bra & Leggings Set $129.99

    Prana Pink Bra & Short Set $99.99

    Prana Pink Yoga Bra $59.99

    Prana Pink Yoga Leggings $89.99

    Prana Pink Yoga Shorts $59.99

    yogi peace club eco friendly printed yoga mat australia

    Batik Sunrise Bra & Flares Set $139.99

    Batik Sunrise Bra & Leggings Set $129.99

    Batik Sunrise Yoga Bra $59.99

    Batik Sunrise Yoga Flares $99.99

    Batik Sunrise Yoga Leggings $89.99

    yogi peace club eco friendly printed yoga mats australia

    Shanti Bra & Flares Set $139.99

    Shanti Yoga Bra $59.99

    Shanti Yoga Flares $99.99

    How to start Yoga

    How to start Yoga

    I remember walking into my very first Yoga class at my local gym, I was both intrigued and slightly intimidated by the idea of Yoga, because I had heard so many different opinions about what it actually was. I had heard that it included a lot of chanting and meditation, and for someone that was completely ignorant and inexperienced in both of those practices, it definitely shied me away from taking it up sooner. I had also been told that it was mostly stretching and not at all an intense work out, which in my early years is all I craved. All in all, what I had heard about Yoga made me definitively decide it was not really 'my thing'. Until one day, I was lured by one of my close friends to a class at the gym we'd both been going to, and without coming across too dramatic, it was the complete opposite of everything I had assumed, and it changed my life!
    Now your reasons for hesitancy in starting your Yoga journey may be completely different to what mine were. You may have only seen the long limbed, beautifully flexible, Instagram girls posting photos of themselves effortlessly in a difficult shape, and for all accounts that can be intimidating. But if I can touch on one very small part of Yoga as a practice, it's that it is inclusive, beneficial and something that could bring nothing but positivity into your life. So no matter who you are, or what your thoughts on Yoga are, here are a few steps to begin your Yoga journey.


    1. Find a local studio near you that offers a Foundation class or beginners course

    If I can offer one piece of advice as a Yoga Teacher, it is how beneficial it is to start from the basics. You could be very strong and flexible, but learning the foundation of each pose is incredibly important in building a safe and supportive practice. Because believe it or not, you can do some serious long term damage if your alignment isn't protecting your body. 

    2. Detach yourself from your Ego

    This was by far one of the hardest thing I personally faced when beginning my practice. I grew up doing competitive sports, so everything was a competition! I found myself mentally competing not only with myself in classes, but with the people around me, and that is how injuries happen. I would push myself well beyond my limits just to 'prove myself', and let me tell you, as soon as you learn to let go of that monkey on your back not only will your mind thank you, but you will be able to dive so much deeper into your practice as a whole. All it is is learning to listen to your body, if you are tired or think that a pose is too deep for your body, come out and move down into a resting pose. This is has to be one of the most important things about Yoga, and also one of the hardest thing for us to do.

    3. Get supportive equipment

    If after a few classes you find Yoga is definitely something you can see yourself pursuing, then one of the best decisions you can make is investing in a Yoga mat that bests suits you. Using a well-loved, sweaty Yoga mat from your local studio is great to begin with, but a Yoga mat that is yours will deepen and change your practice! If I could recommend any Yoga mat for anyone at the beginning for their Yoga journey it would be our Ultimate Yoga Mats. They are non-slip, super grip technology, perfect to stabilise you and prevent any injuries. There is no harmful PVC chemicals, and it will be a mat to last you a lifetime! 


    Good luck Yogis on beginning your Yoga practice, I hope these steps provide some guidance at the start of your journey. We are always here to answer any questions you have about Yoga or any of our products, so email us at info@yogipeaceclub.com or click here to shop one of our Yoga mats.


    12 Days of Xmas Yoga

    12 Days of Xmas Yoga

    Tis' the season to enjoy the company of the ones that you love, and considering Yogi Peace Club wouldn't exist without you beautiful Yogis we thought what better way to celebrate the season then all moving through a few festive inspired poses.

    We have been doing 12 Days of Xmas Yoga for the past 4 years and have loved seeing the involvement of our Yogi community, so this year we decided to give a little more back to you. We gave out daily deals targeting some of your favourite products and a opportunity to win a $200 gift voucher to our online store.

    For those of you who haven't been familiar with our 12 Days of Xmas Yoga Competition, we have fitted alike poses alongside the lyrics of one of our favourite holiday carols, '12 Days of Christmas'. We could not have been prouder to see all of your beautiful photos and variations, feeling as if it was an opportunity for us to connect our practices. We have are announced our randomly chosen winner, @sunshineflowerr

    Natasha's dedication to moving through every pose was so inspirational and we could not thank you enough for all of your amazing participation. Sending some beautiful Yogi love to all of our Yogi Peace Club this holiday season, wishing you all a safe and happy break!

    yogi peace club printed yoga mat round yoga mat yogi peace club eco yoga mat printed yoga mat

    yogi peace club printed yoga mat eco friendly

    yogi peace club printed eco yoga mat

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mats

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat round yoga mat

    yogi peace club eco printed yoga mat round yoga mat

    yogi peace club yoga clothes round yoga mat

    yogi peace club yoga pose eco yoga mat

    yogi peace club eco yoga mat round yoga mat

    yogi peace club printed yoga mat eco friendly


    Click here to shop our amazing range of Yoga Clothing and Yoga Accessories! We would love to hear some feedback from you about our 12 Days of Xmas Yoga Competition, and whether you would like us to do anymore interactive comps and what you would like to see at Yogi Peace Club this coming New Year!