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Meet the Team behind the Kip & Co Collaboration

Meet the Team behind the Kip & Co Collaboration - Yogi Peace Club
We are elated to share with you our latest collaboration with Kip & Co.
This collaboration flowed beautifully from a local connection, shared values around sustainability, transparency and design. The result is a considered edit of yoga products featuring Kip & Co’s stunning native floral artwork and sustainable fabrics.

We loved working with the Kip & Co team and admire so much their efforts and drive on being completely carbon neutral as a business. They’ve taken significant steps from an ethical, sustainable and environmental stand point to create a brand that truly cares and is connected to the environment. 

This collection has been created with yoga and nature front of mind. The Native Print brings this all together and energises the collection with a very Australian sense of calm and a connection to land. 

We co-designed the collection and tested each piece over a period of 9 months. Going back and forth to ensure we were excited with the look & feel of all the products. We shot the collection at Cricket Studios in Geelong where we all got the opportunity to hang out, try on the clothes and photograph the range together. We hope you love the pieces as much as we do!

This range features high waisted yoga leggings, a supportive crop bra made from recycled post consumer waste and a beautifully printed, sustainably sourced, non slip Yoga Mat. The yoga mat features a printed matching strap that can be used in your practice or to carry the Yoga Mat. Limited numbers are now online  featuring sizes from XS - XXL. Coming soon to the @theiconicau.

We recently sat down and asked each other questions about each others brands and how this collaboration came about.

~ Hi Em, tell us about YPC, what was the inspiration behind starting the brand? 

I created Yogi Peace Club with one intention, to design yoga products that make people feel supported in their yoga practice. I started Yogi Peace Club in 2014 on the Surf coast near Bells Beach, Torquay Australia. Yogi Peace Club derives its influence and inspiration from yoga and nature. Our unique yoga mat prints and clothing can be recognised in yoga studios across the world. 

As a yoga teacher I love to share, practise and test our products with fellow teachers and students to ensure our products are made sustainably and also perform at home or in the studio. I hope that our Exclusive Kip and Co Collaborative styles inspire your inner yogi to get on your yoga mat.

We are extremely proud to be collaborating with Kip and Co, another like-minded Australian brand. Both the brands draw upon many similarities, I think that’s why the collaboration felt so natural. 

There are many common elements between the two brands; We both have women running the companies, a commitment to sustainability and transparency, premium products that are long lasting, designs that are colourful and uplifting, and that both of our brands have very unique aesthetics.

We admire the Kip and Co ethos and the fact that they are a carbon neutral brand. The team has taken such significant steps from an ethical, sustainable and environmental stand point to create a brand that truly cares, and is connected to the environment.  We couldn’t think of a better partner to collaborate with.  

We chat to Kate from Kip & Co about her career in Yoga and get to know more about how the collaboration came to life. 

YPC ~ Hi Kate, tell us about Kip and Co, what was the inspiration behind starting the brand? 

Kip&Co was founded by sisters Kate and Hayley and best buddy Alex in Melbourne in 2012 after the girls noticed a gap in the market for bright, colourful bedding. The response to Kate, Hayley and Alex’s unique, confident and eclectic sense of style was resounding and the brand quickly expanded into a vibrant lifestyle concept with homewares and apparel for every corner of the home, and every member of the family.

YPC ~ What advice do you have for starting your own business

We always say just give it a go. Follow your gut. Don’t get too distracted or caught up by making sure everything is perfect before you start - the best learning happens as you go.

YPC ~ How do you rest and unwind?

For me it is spending time with my husband and kids at home.  They ground me, and energise me.  I also swim every single morning and while it is less to unwind and rest, it is (like yoga is to a lot) my moment to myself (well with a few hilarious chicks actually) that has become my essential start to the day, it calms me down, while elevates my mood, and really sets me to being in the moment and embrace my day. 

YPC ~ What is your favorite item from the collaboration?
I absolutely love the leggings.  I will wear those all the time, with oversized sweaters and sneakers when I should be yoga-ing but instead just out and about.

Quote from Haylee Kip & Co Founder:

“For me, yoga is such a wonderful way to find some quiet in my day, and prioritise my physical and mental well being. And now I can do that in yoga gear that's bold, colourful and creative - all my favourite things!”, said Kip&Co co-founder Hayley Pannecoecke.