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Liv Phyland - A Woman who Inspires other women to Glow

Liv Phyland - A Woman who Inspires other women to Glow - Yogi Peace Club
Girls who glow - Liv Phyland yogi peace club ambassabor

This IWD, we had the honour to chat over chai with Liv Phyland about her chosen role to empower teen girls, through her program, Girls Who Glow. Presenter, MC, activity-enthusiast, founder of Liv Your Life and co-founder of Girls Who Glow, Liv co-facilitates diverse, interactive and empowering workshops that cover a full range of health and well-being pillars. Her mission is to equip teens with the tools and confidence they need to navigate these, at times, challenging but formative years. 

Liv Phyland a Yogi Peace Club ambassabor for girls

Liv Phyland Yogi Ambassador

We would love to know your backstory and how it has inspired the trajectory of your career?

I grew up in country NSW and travelled around quite a bit, before moving to the big smoke through High School. This instilled a deep appreciation for community (you can’t beat a small country town for that), resilience, adaptability and eventually a love for all the activities and opportunities a bigger city can offer.

I think I was different as a kid, to what I am now. A little less loud, extroverted and wild. A little more disciplined, chilled and structured. I have always loved entertaining and was drawn to the idea of being an actor, singer or dancer (even though I wasn’t doing acting, singing or dance lessons… love the confidence!).

Through High School, I realised I wanted to be a Presenter. You still got to ‘entertain’, but you didn’t need to wear a mask. You got to tell stories, play, be empathetic, speak passionately about things you cared about… all whilst being 100% yourself. The more “you” you could be, the more you could connect with an audience. What an exciting challenge!

I got to Year 12 and had zero idea how to make this dream a reality. I was also a realist and understood how cut throat the entertainment industry could be. So I decided to go to Uni and study something else I was passionate about, Psychology and Occupational Therapy.

I loved Uni and the Health Science world, however after 3 years my heart was still longing to give Presenting a crack. I had always wanted to do Kids TV and  Travel Presenting. So between studying, working and trying to have some kind of social life, I started volunteering my time on sets of tiny productions. Someone overheard me saying that I wanted to be a Presenter and sent me an application for a ‘Nation-wide search for two new ABC3 Presenters’.

As I had never been in front of a camera, let alone any training or experience, I almost didn’t apply. I sent in a ridiculous Audition Tape. Weeks later I got a call saying I’d made it through to the Victorian round of Auditions. I was woeful. Somehow got another chance. Made it to the National round. Decided to be more “me”. Was slightly better. Everyone else was so much more experienced and brilliant. But after 6 weeks… I got the job.

I learnt everything on set in real time, and although challenged, fell head over heels in love with making TV and working alongside colleagues that became family. Over those 4 years at the ABC, I studied Integrative Nutrition on the side. Whilst I did it more as a passion and to fill up my wellness cup, I walked away with a Health Coaching Certificate.

After ABC3, I was lucky enough to get a job with Channel Ten in Sydney, working on a music show called The Loop. I was there for 6 years and had an absolute ball Presenting, and also learning to research, write scripts and produce, however there was a side of me that I was neglecting. The deep desire to empower others, especially women, in the health and well-being space.

In 2016, I teamed up with my friend Teigan Nash to start workshops for Teen girls around Australia. A quest to help young women feel not just healthy, but confident in their skin and vibrant in spirit. With that Girls Who Glow was born. In 2020, I left the Loop and went into Travel TV… justttt in time for Covid to hit the day before I boarded a plane. Nailed. It.

That year tested me like no other, it also allowed me to fully explore what I personally wanted to create. In 2021 Liv Your Life, quite literally, came to life. A coaching business for women to get them aligned… on purpose… playing… feeling alive… and properly LIVING.

Which brings us to today. 2023. Hi! I now do One on One, Group Coaching and Retreats through Liv Your Life. I run workshops for Teens with Girls Who Glow. I work with brands I adore and grew up idolising, And I do freelance Presenting and MCing as me, Liv :)

Yogi Peace Club Yoga Ambassador

Yogi Peace Club Ambassador

What empowers you?

Seeing people try new things, putting themselves out of their comfort zone and chasing their dream career / life… no matter their age, circumstance or warped societal expectations.

Yogi Peace Club Ambassador Liv Phyland
Yogi Peace Club ambassador Liv Phyland

Where do you find your peace / bliss / happiness?

In the ocean. Lying in the back of my van. Walks in nature whilst listening to music or a podcast. Being with my little sister Lulu. Walking our dog Murph. Speaking passionately to a camera. Being home and routine after lots of travel.

Also running workshops and retreats where I’m surrounded by incredible teens and woman, each one with a different story and life blueprint.

Yogi Peace Club Yoga Ambassador

Do you have a mantra?

“Why is this happening FOR me, not TO me”

Simply changing one word, changes the entire narrative. It can bring excitement, purpose and hope to a situation that can feel deflating, challenging and unfair.

Liv Phyland Yogi Peace Club Ambassador

 What would be your advice to your younger self?

1. Everything you are learning, everything that is testing you, every unexpected turn… is actually leading you to a life that you LOVE. Trust the sliding door moments.

2. Keep checking back in and coming home to your most authentic version, because it is that unique code that will attract the most brilliant people and opportunities into your life.

3. You will still love ice cream just as much 20 years down the track :

Do you have a favourite yoga pose?

Reverse Warrior! I just love the feeeling I experience of opening up my side body in this pose.

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