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Do you love flowing through your heated Vinyasa classes, or the full support of non slip grip? Here at Yogi Peace Club, we love to acknowledge that every Yogi is different in their own beautiful way.

We have just launched our new Ultimate Eco that is revolutionising Yoga mats. This yoga mat is different to our iconic micro fibre printed mats, because its specifically designed for a super grip, non slip, cushion support, made for beginners all the way through to advanced practices. 

After months of trialling the two styles of mats, both proved to be amazing in their own individual way. We wanted to walk you through what makes this Ultimate Eco Yoga mat different to Printed Yoga mats, and what each is truly best for.

Our beautiful micro fibre printed Yoga mats are for our bohemian Yogis that love to Flow through their sequences with ease and water-like motion. The technology in our printed mats react to heat, so the warmer you are the better you flow. Which is why we found that this style of mat works best specifically in a heated Vinyasa class.

The artwork has been hand drawn and inspired by travel, the beach and of course yoga. The intricate patterns are also a fabulous tool for your alignment during your class too. 

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

The incredible new arrival at Yogi Peace Club is the Ultimate Eco Mat. Not only longer, wider and thicker, but made from super "Ultimate Grip Technology." We have revolutionised Yoga mats with this new product that caters to the performance of Yogis on all levels. If you're a just at the beginning of your yoga journey and need a mat that is supportive, our Ultimate Eco grip technology reduces the chance of injury. If you're a Yogi looking to advance your practise and safely push your limits, this mat is longer, thicker and wider than most. We found our Ultimate Eco mat is perfect for Yin, Hatha, Ashtanga, Regular Vinyasa and Pilates.

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

yoga mat yogi peace club

All of our Yogi Peace Club mats are vegan, 100% PVC Free, biodegradable and made from natural Tree Rubber. Our Yoga mats are made for every type of Yoga, for every type of Yogi.