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    Yogi Peace Club draws inspiration from all corners of the globe. The latest collection of Luxe Eco yoga mats were inspired by exotic Morocco tiles and Mexico Serapes.

    Colour means everything to me. It always has. I am drawn to colour and how it makes me feel. My spirit colour is bright coral. I paint my nails bright coral I love shoes and accessories in that colour too. Bright Coral energises my soul. When I was designing the mats I was thinking about what colours would make yogis feel strong and alive when they were practicing Yoga. I was also thinking about alignment and how the patterns of the mats could potentially assist in perfect alignment and posture in asanas. I designed the patterns with that in mind. Each time you practice your feet can go in the same position as last time your were in down faced dog just by lining up with the pattern on the mat. 

    Yogi Peace Club Mats don't contain harsh chemicals or nasty toxins. What is point of having a mat when you are laying on nasties?? The Yogi Peace Club mats are Eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural tree rubber, and use water based inks. 

    Free from the all the nasties such as latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC, Chlorine and Phthalates which are contained in many of the cheaper yoga mats. This also means the mat has zero odour and no toxic smell.   

    The Luxurious micro-fiber suede top is bonded to 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber. The non slip rubber and micro-fiber suede top combination means that the more you sweat the better you grip. Once you get warm the mat becomes grippier.

    The mats are perfect for Yoga, Bikram, heated yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pilates, and general exercise classes. The extra cushion, rubber stability, and responsive grip can help to reduce injuries.

    The other amazing thing about these mats is that they can be sprayed down to clean and wiped, Hand washed. There is nothing worse than practicing on a yoga mat that is not yours and smelling someone else's foot odour!!

    Below are some details of the mats and if you have any questions you can email and we will be happy to answer any questions before you buy!!

    Some comments from yogis....

    @lilyrosebrown "the best mat I've ever used. So much grip and looks amazing. Thanks again"

    @soulbarre "absolutely love them"

    @cazscott "I have this gorgeous mat. Love it. Thanks"

    @kristylawgarrard "Best yoga mat ever. Can not believe how beautiful it was! Cant wait for class again to use it"


    I have discovered something - back bends make me happy.

    Whenever I am in a yoga class I anticipate the back bends, and if they aren't part of the practice I feel sad. I just love going into the wheel asana it makes me feel energized and alive. I have so many other areas of my practice where I don't feel confident and dread when we get to these certain asanas. Finding the balance between acceptance and attachment is really hard.

    Recently I felt like I was in a yoga 'funk'. Nothing seemed to be giving me the yoga glow, I felt as though I was losing my way in the yoga journey. Then my yoga teacher said to me, that every time I would go into a back bend she noticed how I looked confident and happy. The positive affirmation that I was doing something that I looked comfortable in, pushed me along and made me feel as though there was an area in my practice that I could go to and feel happy, balanced and energized. 

    Backbends are an integral part of a sound yoga practice – whether we like it or not. For many of us, heart-opening backbends are daunting and anxiety-producing, leaving us with lingering feelings of self-doubt, apprehension and even panic. But as they say, the pose you like the least is the one you should probably be doing the most. Get an empowering perspective of your practice through backbends. 

    To make your backbends feel good more often, one of the most valuable things you can do is to initiate the bend by tilting your pelvis backward in a posterior tilt and lightly drawing your lower abdomen back. When you learn to align your pelvis and engage your abdomen this way, it helps you to keep your lower back long and compression free.

    Here are some of my favourite pictures of yogi's from all over the world doing their beautiful back bends.


    SOURCE PICS ||, Trends in Nutrition, Pinterest

    SOURCE WORDS || me and Yoga Journal Australia


    Practice your yoga in style with Yogi Peace Club Luxe Enviro mats and cotton singlets.


     Source: Yogi Peace Club || Pinterest || Charcoal Alley


    2015 brings so much excitement for Yogi Peace Club. 

    My dream for Yogi Peace Club is simple - I just want my products to make people happy. What I love about the tropical incense is that when people burn it they tell me how it makes them feel and I love that. Yoga aims to transform the body and mind, so I am taking that philosophy with the new business with a sense of all things tropical, peaceful and fun. 

    At the moment these are the things that inspire me and also make me feel good - just thought I would share with you some of them!!!

    Power flow yoga with Yoga Patch – I cant live without Yoga Patch and her Hot Vinyasa Power Flow classes. I just love the flow and warmth. It improves my strength, flexibility, while clearing my mind at the end of a working day. 

    Anything Tropical - My house and garden is a true testament to this. I love tropical palm trees and birds of paradise - our garden is full of them.  I love going on tropical holidays hopefully this year will be Kauai Hawaii.

    Juices -  I love cold pressed juicing. The greener the better works for me, so I go for spinach, kale, mint, apple - I am obsessed with making them everyday with fresh ingredients from our veggie patch. I even like putting a chilli and some lime in a juice as a great start to the day.I also love making raw recipes – cakes, bliss balls etc perfect for after yoga treat.

    Fragrance – I love beautiful tropical fragrances. Shanghai Tang Ginger Lily is the freshest fragrance and a great way to start a summers day.

    Bikini's - I just recently bought my second pair of Triangl Bikinis….addicted!


    Whenever you feel like a summer holiday why don't you burn some Yogi Peace Club Tropical Incense??

    The fragrance will take you away on a tropical holiday without leaving home. The Tropical Incense has been designed in Torquay and sourced from Thailand. Each incense stick has been hand rolled. The incense uses natural gums, resins and floral ingredients, mixed with raw organic materials to create superb tropical fragrances. The formulation that is used in blending are family secrets, that have been passed from one generation to another. It is different from other incense as the fragrance is fresh and tropical. When each stick burns the light tropical fragrance fills the space and makes you feel like you are on holiday. 



    Photos || Via Pinterest and Yogi Peace Club